Nicholas Henderson, as the founder of Whigham's, has been, and remains to this day, the inspiration behind this unique wine bar. As Whigham's has grown and developed over its twenty five year history, Nicholas's central vision has remained unchanged; that of providing exceptional service to customers who are always made to feel welcome. He continues to lead an enthusiastic team of dedicated bar staff professionals.

Customers return to Whigham's, again and again, and not only to enjoy the finest wines and fresh food menus. The Whigham's experience combines atmosphere, service and quality, offering an enticing variety of wines to complement your individual tastes.

Whigham's wine cellars, through its unique design offers a choice of settings, from intimate cellar snugs to more spacious open areas, marrying old world and contemporary styles. You'll find all you imagined, and more, at Whigham's.