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Nothing but Malbec!


Nothing but Malbec!

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Barbecuing weather is in full swing, good excuse to stock up on the Malbec and steaks. Check out the Cahors Malbec, this is your bonus wine, one of our favourite style from the original birthplace of the noble Malbec.


3 x Made in Mendoza, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina, 2018, Vegan

Ripe and rambunctious red made in the long sunny days in Mendoza. Blueberries and violets on the nose, followed by a deep spicy palate.

3 x The Meaty Malbec, Beefsteak Club, Mendoza, Argentina, 2018, Vegan

Created with steak and wine lovers in mind and honouring the dining clubs of the 18th and 19th Century which celebrated the beefsteak as a symbol of liberty and prosperity. Intense black cherry and dark chocolate. Spicy and juicy with richly ingrained tannins.

3 x Bonarda Malbec, Casa Solera de Argentina, Argentina, 2018, Vegan

A ripe and juicy red, bursting with blackberry fruit, hints of spice and a full, robust finish.

3 x Cahors Malbec, Mission de Picpus, Cahors, France, 2019

A modern Cahors showing all the charm of the Malbec grape. Polished wood and toasted spices are inviting, followed by dark fruits and berries on the palate.


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