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Minimum order for delivery is 6 bottles.



 Delivery is £5 for orders under £150. Free delivery for orders over £150.00



Estimated delivery 3-5 working days



Delivery available for mainland Scotland as standard. Enquires for the rest of the UK please contact us at [email protected] to discuss.





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Whighams has had a rich history with wines dating back 100's of years to the Voyage of Buck, shipping wine from Portugal and Bordeaux to Leith. These wines would be transferred to Whighams still in their barrels and then bottled on site where the staff would create 'Claret' and then distribute throughout the New Town.


Today, we leave the wine making and the bottling to the experts. We have focused our time on seeking out those small independent wineries that have a passion for their trade. With over 100 new wines, nearly 50 of which are vegan and/or organic we have all style, tastes and pocket covered.